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Vegan Shoes by LUNGE

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There are many running shoes, but none quite like the running shoes by LUNGE. While sports shoes from most producers are made in Asia under working conditions that are difficult to check at best, LUNGE’s range is manufactured right in the heart of Europe in Germany.

The fact of where the shoes are made isn’t the only thing that separates LUNGE from other brands. They also call upon their vast experience and technical knowledge, including findings from the fields of medicine and biomechanics, and to a much higher degree than with many other brands. The shock absorption is outstanding, meaning the shoes are a blessing for knees and backs, and their design means that the risk of blisters is virtually ruled-out.

As advanced as the inner workings are, LUNGE sticks to classic designs. Where other brands insist on flashy colours, LUNGE’s range relies more on clear lines and a laid-back approach towards short-lived fashion trends. In addition, all the shoes produced by LUNGE are vegan, free from toxic components and are manufactured in an environmentally conscious manner.

Put simply, LUNGE’s running shoes are like no other.


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