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Vegan Bags and Accessories by MAGNETHIK

MAGNETHIK was born in the world’s fashion capital Paris and is dedicated to creating animal friendly bags. The label’s founder, Fabienne Pomi, found herself in a tough spot when realizing that she loved fashion almost as much as she loved animals. All the amazing hand bags and purses she really loved were made from leather and therefore not an option for the committed vegan.

So Fabienne got to work. After a year of intense planning and designing, in April of 2016, MAGNETHIK launched the first bags that were vegan, stylish and evidently products of high-quality craftsmanship.

The bags are meticulously hand made in a small workshop in Paris that brings the stunning designs to life. And every bag is proof that MAGNETHIK more than succeeds in combining ethics and fashion, the conscious and the beautiful.


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