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Vegan Sneakers by VEJA

It’s a little-known fact that Brazil is the world’s third largest producer of footwear. For a long time, the majority of shoes produced there were destined for the domestic market, yet over time, more and more footwear produced there has been for the global market. VEJA is one of the brands that has had its production in Brazil for many years. France is the country that VEJA calls home, however, and it is in Paris that the ideas and designs for the brand’s high-quality sneakers come to life.

VEJA’s production takes place in Porto Alegre in Southern Brazil. The raw materials are – where possible – sourced from within the country’s borders, which helps to reduce the total amount of transport involved in the production of their sneakers. The organic cotton that is used comes from the Ceará region in the North East of the country, while the B-Mesh – made from recycled plastic bottles – comes from Santo André, which is close to São Paulo. Finally, the soles are made from wild-growing Amazonian rubber in the state of Acre close to the borders with Bolivia and Peru.

The result is a range of sustainably produced, high-quality and extremely good looking sneakers that needn’t be shy of being compared to other premium footwear and rightly enjoy a growing popularity in the fashion world. Here at AVESU, we certainly don’t need any more convincing and are happy to offer you the vegan models from VEJA in our range.